Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Independence Day

What’s The Real Date Of The Independence Day?

It was celebrated every 4th of July before Diosdado Macapagal became president of the republic. It was reverted to 12th of June by virtue of Republic Act 4166 signed by the president himself, on August 4, 1964. The sons and daughters of the past presidents, namely, Carmen Melencio-Aguinaldo, Manuel Quezon, Jr., Maria Osmeña-Charnley, Gerardo Roxas, Tomas Quirino and the two sons of the president, Arturo and Disodado, Jr., witnessed the signing into law.

Since then, we celebrate our Independence Day on 12th of June. To put off the arising opposition, the 4th July declared as Republic Day to commemorate the proclamation of the country as a republic.

Criticisms never die, and facts don’t lie. How could we celebrate June 12 as independence day while in fact, the day Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the Independence Day during the revolutionary government was on June 23, 1898? The people did not ratify the Malolos Constitution. Aguinaldo proclaimed himself as president and not by means of voting exercise. There’s no country declaring its support for the revolutionary government. A government that is not recognized by other government is not truly a government. Aguinaldo’s credibility was tainted when the founder of the Katipunan Andres Bonifacio was murdered. Every historian knows the hidden agenda of the Treaty of Paris and the Treaty of Biak na Bato.

The only significance of June 12 was the series of rebellion. But before this date, so many uprising occurred. If we were to signify these, the first was April 27, 1521 when Lapulapu killed Ferdinand Magellan in a fiery battle.

Why do we celebrate July 4 as Independence Day before Diosdado Macapagal became president of the republic? It was after 4th of July 1946 when the United States granted its independence that the Philippines became politically free as a country. Countries of the world throw their support to the new republic.

From 1946 to 1961, Independence Day was observed on July 4, but in the name of nationalism, President Diosdado Macapagal, upon the advice of historians, reverted to the June 12 date, which up to that time had been observed as Flag Day.

To end, is the sense of nationalism on this matter noteworthy? ##



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