Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Tongue is Like a Nail

The Tongue is Like a Nail

When you hammered on a board and the nail crooked, it is useless to think twice to do it again. Your efforts could be futile. This analogy is the same thing with the tongue.

Usually we ignore the importance of those small things. Like the tongue. It is small, and yet it can burn personality, not only the whole self but also others and ruin the society we live.

How the way you talk? It is a very important on how the way you talk. This will address your personality. Sometimes it is inevitable to say rotten and disintegrating words. In addition, for the worst, the tongue now can be an article of trade.

A commodity? Why not? For example, in the aid of legislation go in the senate and testify against truth or cries as if you are one of the Hall of Fame Famas Awardees. Your acts on this pay you an enormous amount.

Others say that she will not run for president again but only to lie in the end. And during the election exercises she (allegedly)tried to influence the authorities concern and say sorry, and more lapsus linguae.

Credibility is what I mean here. On the next time, you say something, maybe only the dogs hear? Or those waiting for bagfull of money?

Other’s cries for righteousness and say, “minimized their greed” or “she’s a devil” but in the end deny after realizing he is in hot water. Is this the fastest remedy could do to save the seat from heat? The words “minimized their greed” and “she’s a devil” are lexis for present political issues.

The tongue is small, yet, it seems that it is easier to dam a river to control its stream. The tongue and the river have this in common: concrete cement barrier for the river and money for the tongue to control the human being.

They say, that it is easy to tame wild animals, but could hardly tame the tongue. Taming the tongue means nothing anymore to hide. Truth always prevails.

Our government today is facing unsound situation. The untamed tongues return and rule again for their own good. This is the dominant problem of our (Philippine) government today. The proliferation of fake messengers is on the rise. The confrontation of tongues against each other could not be bringing to an end. Although there are tongues that bear truths, yet they could not still surpass the galactic lies on dishonesty. Our society suffers a lot. The citizenry suffers a lot.

The truth should prevail. Let the truth prevails. Let us support the messengers of truth. As I said earlier, when you hammered on a board and the nail crooked, it is useless to think twice to do it again. Let us all join the tongues of messengers of truth. Let us all join the crusade against graft and corruption. This is also our responsibility as a citizen who feels affection for progressive and hygienic society.

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