Monday, October 01, 2007

Two-face Fungus Lover

Reminiscing the past makes me smile. Smile adds life. I should say what happened was out of the ordinary.

Ordinarily, a teenager loves to court not only one but also two or more. The feeling to engage in this juvenile manner is what now a laughing matter. For that matter, I courted so many. Three girlfriends in a row are normal. Generally, of course, there are also those I feel something especial, like Myrna, Angelina and Mercedes. With them, I feel the meaning of love. Myrna comes from the other school while Angelina is my schoolmate. Mercedes is from the neighboring town, which I met during the Inter Catholic School Athletic Association. We are all in the higher level in the secondary. Although, there was no cellular phone or internet before, the means to express love is through letter particularly during special holidays. What was the disorder?

The disorder happens three days before the Valentine’s Day of 1977. I was then preparing cards for Myrna and Angelina in one of the bench in front of Narvacan Catholic School. After signing cards, somebody shouted that one of my friends is in trouble. The shout was so serious. The call intended for me. The need to help is necessary. Putting the two letters in order was in a hurry. Closed them immediately and run to the direction of my friend in trouble. After the problem is in proper order, I decided to go to the post office. I even wrote SWAK in the backside of the two envelopes. SWAK mean, Sealed, With A Kiss. Oh, it’s a day of fun!

Finally, the Valentine’s Day, and decided to visit Myrna in their house. But to my dismay, she was crying and said she never want to talk to me anymore. I don’t know why. My feeling hurts. But I have to move on. I still have two girlfriends. So, I immediately visit Angelina in their home. But Angie was also mad at me. She even curses me and threatens to hit me with a knife. Of course, I asked her what’s happening. But she cried, shouting at the top of her voice that she hates me. She even called me a two-face fungus lover. I don’t know why. What’s happening with these two girls? So what, I still have one girlfriend, right? But the puzzle still kept me thinking. A week passed by. When I met Angie in school and asked sincere talk to settle everything, she handed me the Valentine’s card supposed to be for Myrna. To my disappointment, I sent the wrong card!

Well, since then, I settled to myself, that I should love a one woman only. And that is Mercedes, and we engaged for 12 twelve years. When she left for Hong Kong to work as an overseas contract worker I lost communications with her. To bear my loneliness, I courted again another woman, Yolanda, now the mother of my four bangad children. #


jim agpalo, jr. said...

awan lang, hehehe... binaltik kalpasan a naospital datao gapu iti abut-abot a bituka ken bagis... isu a ti la maisursuraten tapno mapasubli ti linaon ti muging a pinunas ti anestisia, hehehe!

Anonymous said...

agpalaingka lakay, sapay koma ngarud ta saan a lumkang ta pinatsianda wenno bolkanays ti inaramidda, a nabuttawan a sapay koma ta ti Nasantuan nga Ima ti kanayon a manglab-labar kenka bayat ti panagpal-palangtom...regards!

Jim said...

agymanak, lakay.. wen, bolkanays... maala pay laeng iti patsi kuna ketdi ni doktora, ngem no imbaybayagko koma iti nagpaagas, inkapilitan koman a masukatan iti rubber ti bituka ken bagis... isuna laeng ta gudbay hard drinks!

Joe Padre said...

The other side of the coin could be that if you get patched or vulcanized--and therefore, become a bionic man--you become incredibly strong and powerful. When that happens, even if you get mixed up with the Valentines' Day cards you carelessly address and send to several dozen pretty young things, it really doesn't matter. Because another set of several dozen pretty young things are waiting in the wings to get a crack at you, you bionic Lothario!

In any case, my prayers for your speedy recovery!