Monday, October 29, 2007

An Open Letter To KWF & DJGT Foundation

Problems to Address in Revitalizing Pangasinan Language

We are losing our language very fast. When we lost our native tongue, we also lost our knowledge, our thinking, culture, but most of all, our identity.

We, the Ilocanos had common problem with Pangasinenses in regards to brink extinction of native tongue. This open letter is to lay propositions to answer the imperative issues. If we work together, the better chances to get rid of these pervasive tribulations.

The most common problem is more and more kabaleyan address their native tongue as impediment. Others prevail such as, in school, student or pupil fined of one peso per word who caught speaking their native tongue. Second, commercial establishments prepare to approach customers in Tagalog. Third, teenagers contributed large slice in the obstruction of their parents’ language.

There should be massive information and dissemination to boost the awareness to speak our native tongue. Produce more books, magazine, comics, journals, newsletters, and newspapers written in Pangasinense. The language would be vanished if there were no dictionary, no literature, and no text of any kind.

In school, speaking in English or Filipino in class should be sternly enforce only inside classrooms and be optional in the hallways, library, grounds and other places. To decimate the freedom of speech and expression in the institution of knowledge is paradoxical.

Creating more laws to preside over commercial establishments let our native tongue spoken freely and or presenting a Pangasinense translation in every signage and advertisement.

Address the teenagers the love of native tongue by gathering them to seminars, symposia, and round-tables. Working with the community people on this matter really helps.

The realization comes only after the strong will. The key to getting a language rejuvenated is getting fresh age band of speakers.

As said, we, the Ilocanos had common problem with Pangasinenses in regards to brink extinction of native tongue. Working together to decline extinction, the more courage, sacrifices and efforts show.

This writing is most likely to share, as a writer, a cultural worker, a grandfather, a father in helping to address our common problems…

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