Saturday, September 09, 2006


International Conference will bring Ilokano Writers together in Honolulu, Hawaii this September 22,23, 24 Gumil Oahu, an association of Ilokano Writers on Oahu will hold its 2nd Gumil Filipinas International Conference on September 22- 23 at the Philippine Consulate General and at the Pagoda Hotel International Ballroom for the Gala Night on the 24th.

Delegate-writers and cultural performers from various GUMIL Chapters in Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Norte, La Union, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Pangasinan, Metro Manila in the Philippines, U.S. Mainland, Canada & Europe including those from Hawaii will be participants of the event, says Ric Agnes, delegates coordinator.

Theme: Appreciating the past, recognizing the present and strengthening,equipping, developing potential and shaping the future

This three-day event will highlight seminar workshop aims to enrich Ilokano Literature and Cultural heritage by encouraging its members to write about the social, economic, cultural and other aspect of growth and development among the Ilokanos in particular and the Filipinos in general, says Gladys Menor, events and program chair, and Immediate Past president..

This event is in connection with the 10th Anniversary of Gumil Oahu being organized on August 13, 1996, and this International conference is in coincide with the celebration in commemoration with the One Hundred years arrival of the First 15 Ilokano recruit workers from the province Ilocos Sur who boarded in SS Doric and arrived on December 20, 1906 at the Honolulu port and finally landed to the Ola'a
Sugar Plantation in the Big Island.

Minimal fee will be charged to defray cost for the conference meals and materials and the gala night cost $40.00 per guest.


rva said...

talek pay dagiti mannurat a makadar-ay. nangruna dagiti nagagsat la unay nga aggapu iti filipinas a pinatgan ti US embassy. damagko nga adu a mannurat ti na-deny uray kasano koma met ti ayatda a dumar-ay tapno makitampok iti daytoy a nainliteraturaan a taripnong. damagko pay nga ad-adu ketdi kano dagitay' nakalusot iti embasi a saan met a mamannurat wenno taga-gumil. ginnasanggasat gayam ti dumar-ay itoy. kunak man no ti kitkitaen dagiti consul ket ti kinamannurat ti maysa a delegado tapno iti kasta ket aprobanda ti visana a dumar-ay. ti koma maysa a pagrukodan dagiti taga-US embassy, kitaenna ti listaan wenno uray actual copy dagiti gapuanan ti maysa a mannurat a delegado. wenno kitaenna dagiti plake kas kada tropeo ken sertifico a naawat ti maseknan a mannurat. ta ania kadi, aya, ngamin daytoy a komperensia no di komperensia dagiti mannurat--gunglo dagiti mannurat nga agkokomperensia? apay ngarud nga adu ti na-deny ti visana a mannurat ken ad-adu ti napatgan a saan met a mannurat?

pakawanendak, apo, idap-ayko laeng met, a, ti makunak.

jim agpalo, jr. said...

nasaomon, roy... ta adda met dagiti kimmappeng iti gumil a ti sisiimenda ket dayta international convention tapno makaalada iti us visa...

koma iti sumaruno a convention, dagiti laeng koma regular member ti gumil with good standing iti saan a nababbaba ngem 10 years (iti GUMIL Filipinas, a saan ket nga iti tsapter langen ...ken premiado iti at least lima... conference ti ilokano writers dayta, apay dagiti saan a mannurat?

no adda pumuslit a saan a mannurat, naibabainen ti gumil dita...